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Combat Forces

Combat Forces - 109 Paratroopers


Up Next in Season 1

  • Combat Forces - 110 Combat Medics

    In the field of honor there is one group that stands above the rest, combat medics. They are there to help aid the wounded soldier, even if it is under heavy fire. We travel to several medic schools and participate in their training exercises to learn what it takes to save lives and make a differ...

  • Combat Forces - 111 Basic Training

    Every soldier, sailor and airmen has to pass one hurdle before coming a member of the military – basic training. This episode examines the physical and psychological tests and training that occur in basic training. The training that takes civilians and molds them into the warriors of the future!

  • Combat Forces - 112 Combat Fitness

    Combat requires that soldiers be tough, capable of strength and good cardio-vascular endurance. Combat fitness is the specialized training that is given to soldiers to help them survive. We learn why this is important and how this training is even adapted for civilians.