Tech & Media

  • The Origin Of Species

    Abigail Child has been at the vanguard of experimental media since the 1980s. In her latest project, she offers viewers an eerie look into the present and future of AI, through the perspectives of scientists, entrepreneurs and a Black lesbian robot. Child’s thought-provoking film considers the em...

  • About The War

    A reflection on war, on what the human being is capable of doing and on the job of reporter at the front. Fourteen years after recounting the conflict that shook Lebanon in 2006, Gianluca Grossi returns to the Land of the Cedars to confront a question that, over time,has become increasingly cumbe...

  • Inside Facebook - Secrets of A Social Network

    A fly on the wall inside Facebook's moderating HQ. Banning its news feature in Australia, Facebook draws international condemnation. But how does the social media giant regulate its content, in an era marked by insidious fake news? This alarming documentary offers unique undercover access to Fac...

  • Tik Tok

    Lifting the lid on the social media platform that's taken the world by storm
    TikTok has come to define our perception of Gen Z. A phenomenally popular platform, more than a billion users scroll through Tik Tok's endless feeds. But there's another side to the world's most popular app. From racist...

  • Circuits of Care

    By 2036, one in three people in Japan will be over the age of 65. While the nation wrestles with a shrinking labour force, the Robot Revolution Initiative was launched to expand robotics into every corner of Japanese economy and society. Circuits of Care follows anthropologist David Prendergast a...

  • A Social Cure

    The true story of the highly successful South African social media campaign to combat AIDS

  • Cosmic

    In the wake of COVID 19, students, doctors, and engineers from all around BC, Canada, formed an Open Source community to design innovative PPE devices and limit the spread of the virus.