Serial Swindlers

Serial Swindlers

13 Episodes

Exposing the world's most conniving, creative, and criminally adept con men, Serial Swindlers goes inside their minds. While their crimes and exploits are a ready-made Hollywood script, their escapades have left a trail of heartache, poverty and destruction. Ordinary criminal minds they are not.

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Serial Swindlers
  • Serial Swindlers: Loizos Michaels

    Episode 1

    Calling himself 'the Phantom', Michaels is a brazen and deluded swindler. His elaborate lies and deceptions began when he was courting his wife, with Michaels telling her he was the son of a millionaire cruise line owner and was about to inherit a fortune. That never happened, and nor did any of ...

  • Serial Swindlers: Achilleas Kallakis

    Episode 8

    Achilleas Kallakis was known as one of the most audacious characters in the London property market. Born into a modest family of Merseyside ship workers, he managed to amass a 250 million Sterling pounds fortune, repeatedly swindling some of Britain's biggest banks.

  • Serial Swindlers: Edward Davenport

    Episode 10

    "Lord" Edward Davenport a.k.a. "Fast Eddie" is a property developer and convicted fraudster. He came to prominence in the late 1980s as the organizer of the controversial Gatecrasher Balls for wealthy, usually privately educated London teenagers. After being convicted of tax offences in 1990, he...

  • Serial Swindlers: Joel Barlow

    Episode 2

    Born Joseph Hikairo-Barlow, the serial swindler created a complex false persona for himself, convincing people around him that he was a Tahitian Prince with a massive fortune and connections to the British royal family. Little did they know that he was actually ripping off taxpayer through an el...

  • Serial Swindlers: Chia Teck Leng

    Episode 3

    This serial swindler also has the dubious title of being Singapore's biggest ever commercial fraudster - stealing a massive S$117 million from four foreign banks. His case rocked Singapore not just for the vast amount of money he stole , but because it exposed the dark truth of what an obsession...

  • Serial Swindlers: David Nepia Carroll

    Episode 4

    David Carroll is one of New Zealand's most prolific offenders of all time. He has more than 130 convictions for dishonesty offences and so far has been in and out of prison 41 times.

  • Serial Swindlers: David Ocean

    Episode 5

    Born David Robin Douglas, this serial swindler is a self-styled sea lover who has actually changed his name legally in Australia to David Ocean. In reality he is a serial con artist, who has played many 'catch me if you can' roles, from lothario to surgeon, leaving a trail of heartache and destru...

  • Serial Swindlers: Brian Goldie

    Episode 6

    Brian Goldie is a Scotsman with a dramatic past and a taste for international travel. At this very moment, Goldie is passing himself off in Thailand as a qualified former advocate in the High Courts of Scotland. Incredibly, he is taking money mostly from ex-pats and representing them in the Tha...

  • Serial Swindlers: Giovanni Stefano

    Episode 7

    Giovanni di Stefano was dubbed “The Devil’s Advocate” for over a decade of legal work on behalf of notorious clients such as Ian Brady, Gary Glitter, Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. His association with dozens of high-profile dependents worldwide attracted the attention of criminals and t...

  • Serial Swindlers: Michael Brown

    Episode 8

    Michael Brown is a convicted fraudster from Scotland. Posing as a highly successful bond dealer, claiming connections with the royal family Brown swindled around 36M pounds out of his victims. He is perhaps most noted for a record 2.4M pounds donation to the Liberal Democrat Party in the run-up ...

  • Serial Swindlers: Selva Carmichael

    Episode 12

    On the face of it, Selva Carmichael seemed every slick media mogul, promising to make stars out of Big Brother contestants Lisa Appleton and Mario Maconi as well as millionaires out of investors in his fly-on-the-wall documentary. However, this was just the latest in a spate of deceptions carried...

  • Serial Swindlers: John Keady

    Episode 11

    For 20 years John Keady has seduced women from across Britain and Europe to America. But to dismiss this man as a serial womanizer would be a mistake; he is a callous and vicious conman who is believed to have swindled almost 1 million pounds from his supposed 'love' interests. His first victim, ...

  • Serial Swindlers: Graham Briggs

    Episode 10

    Graham Briggs had his first taste of prison in 1995 when he was jailed for 14 months for stealing 55,000 pounds from a London-based Japanese catering company. This was only the beginning of the criminal journey for this serial swindler.