Health & Wellbeing

  • Our Story - Tales of Intensive Care

    The recent global pandemic that rocked the world in is documented through the lens of NHS staff and patients in the UK, by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald. With stories of resilience, heartbreak, and hope, marvel at the strength of our human race. (Docsville Studios)

  • Angel Of Nanjing

    The man single-handedly patrolling the Yangtze River Bridge to save those attempting suicide
    Angel of NanjingThe Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing is the most popular place in the world to commit suicide, with over 5 attempts per week. For the past 11 years, blue-collar worker Chen Si has been patr...

  • My Promise To PJ

    A promise is made between friends where even death cannot interrupt the fulfillment of that promise, and a great adventure follows through love, loss, addiction and triumph.

  • The Children Of The Noon

    A beautifully intimate portrayal of coming of age in a Kenyan orphanage
    Daily routines mark time for the children of Kenya’s Nchiru AIDS orphanage. Delving into the minutiae of their burgeoning lives, it is soon clear that amid their cheerful patter, death lurks in the shadows, as they cope with ...

  • A Russian Fairy Tale

    The harsh realities of growing up homeless in Siberia. Following the break up of the Soviet union, a gang of children from broken homes made a new life together inside the derelict buildings of a once secret weapons manufacturing city. In their childhood innocence, they thought they were living a...

  • Deep In The Heart

    Deep In The Heart follows four patients, Lisa, Ted, Greg and Pat, as they deal with the emotional drama of major life-saving surgery. It’s an emotional story familiar to families up and down the country: skilled surgeons can fix bodies, but it’s up to the patients to make sure it doesn’t all go w...

  • Finding Francis

    The award winning documentary film, follows one man on his journey to find the meaning of life, after being told by his doctors that he has one year to live.

  • The Middle Way

    The Middle Way is the story of Jam Alker's childhood of trauma-abuse, neglect, and abandonment-and how he tried valiantly to overcome it. Through interviews and archival footage, this documentary traces how Alker's tumultuous upbringing drove him to pursue false idols in adulthood-money, fame, wo...

  • Unknown Distance

    After five tours and ten years as a Marine Sniper, Sergeant Douglas Brown, alongside director and producer Gordon Clark, takes us on an emotional journey across America, documenting the powerful testimony of returning combat veterans - all trained with a deadly skill set, now rendered useless. Ho...

  • Cosmic

    In the wake of COVID 19, students, doctors, and engineers from all around BC, Canada, formed an Open Source community to design innovative PPE devices and limit the spread of the virus.

  • The Nip Tuck Trip

    Why do we spend more time, money and effort trying to keep up appearances than at any other time in history? Are we obsessed? Or are we just trying to fit in? Follow women on a cosmetic surgery holiday to Kuala Lumpur, and find out why they go to such great lengths to alter their looks. (33 M...

  • Bay Street Healer

    Toronto psychiatrist Gordon Warme M.D. claims to be a participant in a vital cultural ritual, “one of countless rituals that give relief to humans...the most culture-bound of creatures.”

  • Dying For A Smoke

    In an age where smoking is becoming increasingly frowned upon, banned and distasteful, there’s one sector of the New Zealand community where evidence suggests the message isn’t getting through fast enough:
    31% of Maori deaths are due to cigarette smoking
    46% of Maori are regular smokers compared ...

  • Finding Inner Hero

    The breaking point is the making point. Through the lens of the heroes journey, we examine how each person turns tragedy into an opportunity to create more joyful and meaningful lives.


    How and why did you become a documentary filmmaker?
    Exploring the...

  • Street Leagues

    The inspiring story of the Irish Homeless Street Leagues, an organization that helps homeless people and recovering addicts how to regain their self-worth and reclaim their lives through the power of sport.

  • What Ami Did Not Know

    Nearly all maternal deaths could be prevented, if women had access to essential maternal and healthcare services. This animated film explores maternal and newborn health through the mind of a baby girl called Ami.

  • The Daily Dose

    The Daily Dose is a highly personal documentary about the filmmaker’s struggle accepting lifelong antiretroviral treatment. Through the use of video diary entries; Skype conversations with friends and family; and experimental reflections, the film is a journey of self-discovery and affirmation.

  • Six to Six

    Six to Six is an intimate look into the night shift of one of Cape Town’s busiest mortuaries, revealing the human and often humorous side of working with the aftermath of loss. The film paints a portrait of three forensic pathology officers; Taariq, Lungi and Pierre, who spend night after night w...

  • Circuits of Care

    By 2036, one in three people in Japan will be over the age of 65. While the nation wrestles with a shrinking labour force, the Robot Revolution Initiative was launched to expand robotics into every corner of Japanese economy and society. Circuits of Care follows anthropologist David Prendergast a...

  • Life At 50 Degrees

    One of the deadliest results of the climate crisis is extreme heat. How do the millions of people who have to live with increasingly high temperatures survive? This BBC Arabic investigation explores the impact of global warming on different communities across the globe and their struggle to adapt...

  • In Between

    "The development and progress of the Covid-19 pandemic makes the arrival of pateras to the Canary Islands from West Africa resemble the past cayuco crisis of 2006. The migrants reach the coasts of the islands after crossing one of the most dangerous routes to enter Europe, the so-called Canary Ro...

  • Sorojchi

    "Sorojchi" is how altitude sickness is known in Bolivia and it is something that is felt in the cities of El Alto and La Paz. It is here where we learn the story of four urban artists who, through their work, share their views on Bolivia and Bolivians, immersed in a big social and political crisis.

  • Milan, Everyone At Home

    It’s a hot Sunday in March in Milan, when Claudio Rizzotti, freelance filmmaker, decides to take his camera to document what is beginning to happen around him. It is the beginning of the Italian lockdown for the Covid 19 pandemic and so his city, his friends and his family sink into a long lethargy.

  • A Social Cure

    The true story of the highly successful South African social media campaign to combat AIDS