Animals & Wildlife

  • Addicted To Sheep

    A year in the life of a British farming family as they try to breed the perfect sheep. In the uplands of North East England, Tom and Kay Hutchinson set out on a near impossible task: to breed the perfect Swaledale Sheep. They toil through sun, hail, sleet and snow to rear their flock. Life on th...

  • Sheltered

    In the busy world of the animal shelter, the loving bond between humans and animals is strained by the endless stream of abandoned cats, dogs, and rabbits. Pets are life companions - but for some, they are dispensable. With care and training by the passionate employees and dedicated volunteers, t...

  • Amazing Dog Tales

    1 season

    A series celebrating our best friend! We're learning about how dog 'culture' has become an integral part of our daily lives - at work and at play. From the information to the wacky, join us as we explore the fascinating world of canine and human interaction - both in and outside of the dog park.

  • Noah's Ark

    1 season

    The project is to build a conservation park dubbed Noah’s Ark to preserve all the planet's species.

  • Sidik And The Panther

    Sidik has spent the last twenty-five years searching for a Persian leopard in the genocide-scarred mountains of Kurdistan in northern Iraq. If he can capture one of these magical creatures on film, the rugged region will be declared a national park and the bombs will never fall again. Acclaimed d...

  • Music For Elephants

    An incredible, unique and moving documentary about a concert-pianist who plays music to blind, injured and orphaned elephants with amazing results. At a sanctuary on the shores of the iconic River Kwai in Thailand, Paul Barton plays the works of world's greatest composers to endangered Asian ele...

  • Operation Wolf Patrol

    Eco-activist Rod Coronado has made it his life's mission to advocate for the planet and the rights of animals. In 2014 he formed Wolf Patrol, an activist group which fights to end hunting of the grey wolves that roam Wisconsin’s forests. After 30 years of radical environmental action, which earne...

  • Three Bulgarian Lions

    When three lions are born into one of Bulgaria’s worst zoo’s, an international team pledge to give them a new fate. But with the government against them, can this mission be pulled off in time?

  • Koka The Butcher

    Koka’s world revolves around the humble pigeon. As a respected figure in Cairo’s pigeon fighting world, Koka devotes his time to training and caring for hundreds of pigeons in his self-built wooden tower. Under immense pressure from his conservative community to give up his passion, Koka is faced...

  • He Ain't Gonna Make It

    A road-movie starring Argentinian songwriter Tomi Lebrero. Away from folkloric cliches, together with two mares and a colt tamed along the way, he throws himself into an adventure across the Argentinean pampas against all odds, meeting all kinds of crazy characters on the road. All through this...

  • Silent Forests

    More than half of the Central-African forest elephant population has been decimated by poachers in the last decade. Following one of Cameroon’s first female eco-guards, a grassroots law enforcement group, a Congolese biologist, a reformed poacher and a Czech activist, this intimate portrait gains...

  • Alaska Long Hunters

    This story follows the life of a young pilot who flew in Alaska’s frontier Arctic. You'll experience the front-seat thrills of bush planes that operated in the most dangerous conditions on earth and scenery that only Alaska has to offer.

  • Right To Harm

    Through the riveting stories of five rural communities, Right To Harm exposes the devastating public health impact factory farming has on many disadvantaged citizens throughout the United States. Filmed across the country, the documentary chronicles the failures of state agencies to regulate indu...

  • The Water Dancers

    Dragonflies are the sentinels of the Earth. Being among the oldest creatures on our planet, they have lived in harmony with the indigenous plants and animals of Earth’s bountiful landscapes for 300 million years. We came, we conquered and we evicted them from their habitats. Now, after millennia ...

  • The Boy From The Wild

    Growing up on a Game Reserve meant to help wildlife get out of captivity, it shares how it began and how Peter Meyer survived some incredible moments in the wild.

  • Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

    In a world where dolphins are living behind bars, a team of marine conservationists have a mission, to give these majestic mammals a home back in the wild.

  • Rat

    Captures the stories of New Yorkers who must fight off, and sometimes lose, to the resilient rats that pervade through the city's sewers, streets, and buildings. Camera angles take the viewer behind the scenes of this phenomenon, beyond the walls, through the pipes and down into the underground o...

  • Empathy

    Ed is commissioned to make a documentary intending to change the habits of society that are detrimental to animals. But completely alien to the animal-loving culture; he will realize that to carry out the project, he must first convince himself.
    The process of documentation and Eds conversations ...

  • The Natural History of the Chicken

    Through the use of re-enactments and interviews, eclectic characters tell stories about the role of chickens in their lives. Exploring the history behind one of America's most popular foods, the film portrays these birds as being far more than just a source of nutrition. From supernatural stories...

  • The Wonderful World of Dogs

    Unveiling the magic behind the unrivalled bond between man and his best friend, this film is a heart-warming and multi-faceted portrait of one of the world's most popular pets. Made up of dogs that bark, dominate, foul, and roam around their vast territory, this documentary stays true to Mark Lew...

  • Animalicious

    From a Californian woman whose dear chihuahua gets devoured by the neighbour's boa constrictor, to a wild, shotgun-wielding turkey, these stories are as tragic as they are terrifying. An unexpected combination of reflections on justice, fate, co-existence and forgiveness, this documentary bewilde...

  • The Singing Contest

    The bird-singing contest in Rio, which showcases the talents of curiós – birds that are on the list of endangered species. We follow the preparations of a bird and its elderly owner in the lead-up to a competition.

  • It Started With A Duck

    In Bangladesh, climate change means increased flooding every year. Rather than watching her crops fail and her family starve, Janahara bought some ducks… This is a film about having to adjust to a warming planet, and the role women are playing at the forefront of this.