Pablo's Hippos
Pablo's Hippos
1h 18m 35sAnimals


Great Britain, Colombia
From one beast to another, Pablo's Hippos is a satirical look at thirty years of Colombia's bloody and painful history seen from the semi-submerged viewpoint of a hippopotamus. A tale of a ferocious, irresistible, territorial animal, Pablo Escobar, and the depths to which he and his bloat were prepared to plunge for him to become the undisputed alpha male in the most ruthless business in the world, the cocaine trade. Pablo's Hippos is told by Pablo, the alpha male of three hippopotami shipped to the country home and nerve center of Escobar's drugs empire in 1980. As the most powerful beast in Escobar's private zoo it is a story of unthinkable riches, unabated sex, political intrigue, death, destruction, corruption, treachery and the ultimate legacy of a life dedicated to crime – a hippo epidemic that nobody can stop.
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