Putin's Kiss
Putin's Kiss
59m 4spolitics


Denmark, Russia

Age rating

not rated
Putin's Kiss portrays contemporary life in Russia through the coming-of-age story of Masha, a middle-class Russian girl and a member of Nashi, a nominally ''anti-fascist'' movement whose members are expected to pledge their unswerving support to Vladimir Putin and all his policies. In Putin's Russia, a wide range of semi-independent civil groups have formed to support Putin's government and policies. One of these is Nashi, a group with a membership of around 300,000, all under 25. 19-year-old Masha Drokova is a leading figure in the movement; in exchange for acting as the organisation's public face, she has a flat and a university scholarship. Although initially a strong supporter of the government, however, Masha happens to befriend anti-Putin critics who argue democracy has been eroded under his rule, challenging her loyalty. The film explores her ebbing convictions and, through her conflicted perspective, the ever-escalating violence of the Russian political scene.
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