After the Dance
After the Dance
1h 17m



Age rating

Not Rated
After the Dance is a deeply personal film, by award-winning documentary maker Daisy Asquith, who unlocks a family secret that is still causing shame and outrage in an insulated village in County Clare, Ireland. Exploring the ongoing effects of her mother’s conception after a dance in the west coast of Ireland, Daisy Asquith and her mother embark on a fascinating and emotional adventure in social and sexual morality. Daisy’s grandmother, forced to run away to have her baby in secret, handed the child over to ‘the nuns’ to be adopted. The identity of the father remained a mystery for another 60 years, until Daisy and her mum decided it was time to find out who he was. Their attempts to uncover the truth make raw the fear and shame Catholicism has wrought on the Irish psyche for centuries, but ultimately lead Daisy and her mum to connect with a brand-new family living an extraordinarily different life.
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