The Road
The Road
1h 15mDocumentary


Marc Isaacs



Age rating

Not Rated
Director Marc Isaacs introduces a diverse number of characters who have made their way to London, from all over the world, in order to seek a better life. There's a young Irish woman who dreams of becoming a singer, who takes a job pulling pints in Cricklewood, serving the generations of Irish people who came over before her; a lonely Irish ex construction worker loosing his battle to booze; a man from Kashmir working in a hotel, trying to earn enough money so his wife can join him; an elderly Jewish woman who fled Vienna when Hitler was in power; and a glamorous retired German air stewardess living with her estranged husband. Fused with wonderful moments of humour and equally heartbreaking moments where broken dreams are revealed, this is a study of immigration that manages to be highly affecting, whilst avoiding being polemical or didactic.
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