Dear Pyongyang
Dear Pyongyang
1h 47mDocumentary, Drama


Yang Yonghi



Age rating

Not Rated
In the the 1970’s, Yang Yonghi’s father was an impassioned Communist and leader of the pro-North Movement in Japan. As part of a repatriation campaign, Yang Yonghi’s father sent back her three brothers to North Korea to serve and live there, leaving her behind. As North Korea’s idyllic front was removed and the economy of North Korea declined, Yang’s brothers were stranded and trapped in a fatherland they didn’t recognize. Over the next 30 years, Yang Yonghi travels back and forth between Osaka and Pyongyang to visit her brothers, where she explores the intimacies of their family dynamic and the realities of a secretive and rarely seen North Korea. All the while, conversations with her father reveal his faith and regrets over breaking up the family.
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