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  • DIY Country

    In Spring 2014, armed pro-Russian rebels stormed the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. After seizing control of the city, the separatists held a referendum - labelled illegal by the US and EU - and independence from Kiev was declared. This brave documentary explores the origins and evolution of...

  • Philip and His Seven Wives

    Philip Sharp believes that God has chosen him to be a Hebrew king, and lives according to the Old Testament's ancient patriarchal system. This former rabbi, his seven wives and numerous children all live together under the same roof, raising horses and running second-hand furniture shops. Though ...

  • A Russian Fairy Tale

    The harsh realities of growing up homeless in Siberia. Following the break up of the Soviet union, a gang of children from broken homes made a new life together inside the derelict buildings of a once secret weapons manufacturing city. In their childhood innocence, they thought they were living a...